Spring Inspired Mani

Posted on April 1, 2014

Spring Break, Coachella, Easter, Spring Blossoms, Spring….just a few reasons to have the perfect mani this month.  Usually we post a step-by-step tutorial from our girl Stephanie Stone (which we will still be doing), but we wanted to switch it up a bit.

There are so many delicious looking colors out right now making it easy for anyone to have the perfect nails, not to mention over the top and festival ready nail wraps to make your mani look like magic.

Check out our top picks below, with a little help from Steph Stone:



Buy it here:

  1. Zoya - Nail Polish in Dot

  2. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Secession Reloaded

  3. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Dunes

  4. Deborah Lippmann - Build Me Up Buttercup

  5. Essie - Nail Polish in Cocktails & Coconuts

  6. Essie - Nail Polish in Style Hunter

  7. Deborah Lippmann - Tip Toe Through Tulips

  8. Essie - Nail Polish in Lapiz of Luxury

  9. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Last Call?… I don’t think so!

  10. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Realeyes

  11. Deborah Lippmann - Nail Polish in Blue Orchid

  12. NCLA - Nail Polish in From LA to ANYWHERE

  13. NCLA - Nail Polish in Don’t Sugar Coat It!

  14. Estee Lauder Nail Polish in Dilettante

Insta+Twitter: @StephStoneNails shopncla

Post by Steph & Michaela

Psychedelic Spring Time Manicure

Posted on March 13, 2014
Spring is just around the corner and what better way to get it started than with some bright and colorful nail art? Here we will teach you how to get this vibrant mani that is surprisingly easy to create on yourself and psychedelic enough to wear to Coachella! 

Materials Needed:

  • Loreal “I Pink I’m In Love” (Baby Pink)
  • Loreal “New Money” (Lime Green)
  • Loreal “Jet Set To Paris” (Deep Blue)
  • Loreal “Orange You Jealous” (Tangerine Orange)
  • Loreal “Not a Cloud In Sight” (Teal)
  • Loreal “Crazy for Chic” (Hot Pink)
  • Scotch Tape
  • Cup of room Temperature Water
  • Toothpicks
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Tiny Concealer Brush (Or Q Tip)
  • Top Coat


  1. On a clean and dry manicure, paint all your nails with two coats of Loreal “I Pink I’m in Love” baby pink nail polish.

  2. Next carefully place scotch tape on your finger tip around every side of your nail plate. 

  3. During this step you are going to want to unscrew every bottle of nail polish and leave them unscrewed but leave the cap on the bottle.     

    Place your cup of room temp. water in front of you and then place a drop of nail polish into the center of the cup. (It is important that the water be room temperature, because if the water is too cold the nail polish dries too quickly.)    

    Repeat with every color of polish- dropping your next color into the center of the last drop. The drops should spread out and expand inside the cup, creating rings of color. You can drop each color once, or as many times as you like, just be sure to work fast because the polish will dry up in the cup if you wait too long. (If the nail polish dries, you are unable to do Step 4)

  4. After you’ve dropped all your polishes inside the water take a tooth pick and drag it over the polish starting from the outer rings towards the center. Do this a couple times to create the desired design in the water. Then pick a spot of the design where the colors are mixed and looks the most interesting. Dip your finger nail side down into that specific spot. Before you pull your finger out again take another toothpick to clean out the nail polish around your finger in the water. (Repeat steps 3/4 for every finger).
  5. You will now have a super cool tie dye design on all your nails, but it’s also all over your fingers! Gently pull off the tape around your fingers and most of the mess will be cleaned off for you. Take your tiny concealer brush or Q-tip and dip it into nail polish remover. Then use that to clean up any remaining nail polish around your nail bed. 


  6. Lastly as with any manicure- seal in your colors with a protective top coat for an ultra shiny finish!

Insta+Twitter: @StephStoneNails shopncla

Post by Steph Stone

Falling Gems Valentine Mani

Posted on February 12, 2014

Looking for a Valentines Day manicure but aren’t interested in one that involves the obvious red and hearts? Here we will show you how to get this adorably dainty and playful manicure that will be sure to catch your Valentines eye! 


  • Light Pink Polish (Essie “Minimalistic”)
  • White Polish (Azature “Faint White”)
  • Make up Sponge
  • Nail Glue
  • Crystals/pearls embellishments in various shapes/sizes
  • Tiny gold sequins
  • Piece of aluminum foil
  • Dotting Tool 
  • Seche Vite Top Coat


  1. On a clean and dry nail plate, paint your nails with two coats of your light pink polish. Allow to dry.

  2. Put a small drop of while polish onto your piece of aluminum foil. Then take your make up sponge and dip the corner of it into your white polish. Lightly dab white polish on to the tip of your pink nails. Work your way down the nail so that the pink and white slowly blend together. This will create a subtle pink to white gradient. 

  3. You are now going to start placing your gems onto the nail.  First dab a small amount of your brush on nail glue where you plan on placing your gem around the tip of your nail. Then using your dotting tool dipped in top coat- pick up and place one of your larger crystals anywhere near the tip of the nail. It can be in a different spot on each nail. Though all your nails will match each other- they don’t all have to be uniform. It is fun if all of them look a little unique! 

    Once you’ve place your first larger gem, next place a few smaller ones around the first one.   You want the gems to be fuller near the tip and not as many towards the base of the nail. 


  4. After you have placed all your gems fill in any bare spots near the tip of the nail with gold sequins. You can pick up the gold sequins the same way you pick up your gems. (Be sure to use nail glue when setting the sequins the same way you would with your gems and crystals.) You can also place some sequins around the mid section of the nail and more towards the base. This will help give the effect that all the embellishments fell into place! 

  5. Lastly use a super thick top coat to secure all your gems into place. The top coat combined with the nail glue really ensures that all your nail embellishments will last on your nails a long time! 

Insta+Twitter: @StephStoneNails shopncla

Post by Steph Stone

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