Summer Two-Toned Nails

I was so lucky to have Stephanie Stone as my nail artist on a recent shoot - not only that, she got to come to my house and do them there…they were amazing!  While she was over, myself and Michaela picked her brain about being the guest blogger for everything nails! I am thrilled she can now share all of her secrets with you guys!  Check out her first post on “Summer Two-Toned Nails”:

This simple manicure is great for someone who loves to use their nails as an accessory but doesn’t have time to invest in elaborate nail art! You can get this super cute summer ready mani in four easy steps. 

Materials Needed:

  • NCLA: “Eight Days A Week” Pastel Blue Polish
  • NCLA “Like Totally Valley Girl” Baby Pink Polish
  • Essie: “First Timer” Pastel Green Polish
  • Silver Striping Tape (Available here)
  • Sally Hansen Cuticle Nippers 
  • Seche Vite- Super Shiny/Thick Top coat


  1. Start with a clean and manicured nail plate and paint all your nails a solid pastel blue using NCLA “Eight Days a Week”. 


  2. Color Block your mani! Take your pastel green polish (Essie “First Timer”) and clean off the stem of the brush into the bottle so that there is minimal polish on the brush and stem. This is important because it will help you avoid making a mess and improve the precision of your paint job. Once your brush is clean with minimal polish on it, place your brush at the center base of your nail and paint a straight line upwards to the free edge of the nail. Fill in one entire side of the nail so that that your nail bed is split in half with both colors. Repeat this step with your baby pink polish (NCLA “Like Totally Valley Girl”) on a few accent nails to give you mani a little extra spunk!



  3. Once you have given your nails some time to dry apply your striping tape. If you couldn’t color split your nails perfectly straight in Step 2, that is okay because applying the striping tape will clean up your line and make it look really sharp.  When applying your striping tape lay the end of the tape at the base of your nail in between where the two polish colors meet. Unroll and lay flat on to the nail upwards to the tip of your nail. When you reach the tip use your cuticle nippers to cut off excess striping tape. Make sure to cut it short enough so that the tape is lying flat onto nail bed and there is not even a little extra tape hanging off the tip. If your striping tape is too long it will lift almost immediately by getting caught on things throughout the day. (You can find striping tape for $1.00 here)


  4. Apply a super thick and shiny top coat like Seche Vite. Applying a top coat will smooth out any texture or bumps in the nail polish from layering the polish colors. The top coat is also very important because it will lock in your striping tape. Not to mention chipping prevention!


And there you have it! A super fun and wearable nail art style for summer. 

Post by Stephanie Stone Nails

Twitter: @stephstonenails
IG: @stephstonenails
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