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“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” - Henry David Thoreau

Simplify to Magnify your Blessings! 

Accumulation. We’re all guilty of it in one way or another. I suppose it’s part of human nature to want, gather and keep stuff. Usually we have more than we really need or know what to do with. By weeding out the unnecessary items – including bad habits, people and situations – we can highlight, appreciate and savour the important things life.

Fear is a major motivation behind our need to get and have stuff. The fear of loss overrides much of our practical reasoning and logical thinking when it comes to our overflowing cabinets, closets, and mental concerns. We often accumulate in order to fill an emotional or psychological void in our lives. Whatever the reason – it’s time to let go, pair down, cut back and simplify!

This is the month to look at what we surround ourselves with and why. We can now reassess the things we allow to fill our lives, freeing up what’s taking up too much time and space. Making even small changes in our attitudes, habits and surroundings can have a big impact on our lives. What’s left after simplifying is magnified peace, greater space, improved prosperity and a bounty of blessings!

What insight can we ascertain regarding the Astrological energies for August? Read on for your Monthly Motivation:


LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: What is and what is not working? In personal and professional life, this is the month to better understand the give and take of relationships. Are you getting what you need from others? If you’re finding yourself constantly caught up in dramas, distractions, disagreements, it’s time to review who you’re spending time with. Some connections outlive their usefulness or are no longer supportive of who you are. By letting go of whoever or whatever is holding you back, including releasing rubbish that lingers from the past, you magnify the opportunity for new contacts to manifest!

August – Leo New Moon: Take your creative thoughts and inventive ideas and put them into action! A new cycle of self-expression and self-awareness unfolds, encouraging us to appreciate who we are, what we can do and what is important in our lives. We now open our arms to receive greater love, fun activities and warm-hearted opportunities!

16 August - Venus into Libra: A great time to use charm, intelligence and diplomacy to get what you want in love and relationships! The next 4 weeks is ideal for negotiating, discussing and finding a happy balance with the connections in your life. Agreeing on mutual give and take is highlighted. We are more artistically inclined now, so let your creative talents help you to manifest an ideal lover or partnership!


WORK & FINANCE: Focus. Often when we’re at work we think about going on holiday. When we are on holiday we worry about work. Life unfolds in the present. You can’t be a success in either work or play by being scattered. To focus is to simplify. Do one thing at a time and do it to your fullest.  Multitasking doesn’t work – that’s just adding more to your already overflowing to-do list, when you need to simplify. Consider also your time – this is the most precious commodity you own. Magnify the minutes in your day by using them well and focusing on the most important priorities.

August – Mercury into Leo: Use your creative intellect, dramatic ideas and enthusiastic expression to advance your work or financial directions. A great time to get social, go with your gut and be recognized. Speak up now with greater confidence to share your thoughts – they are important!

23 August – Mercury into Virgo: An eye for detail and ability to notice the nuances make this a great time to get organized. We are encouraged to consider more practical ways of doing things, coupled with a keener understanding of the intricacies of our undertakings. Get clutter cleared and get files in order now!

27 August – Mars into Leo: For most of August our energies will be focused on emotional and family matters. As the “activity” planet moves into the sign of Leo we become more self oriented, expressing more outgoing energy and dramatic confidence. Move forward with creative enterprises from here on!


HOME & FAMILY: Taking stock. Awareness of your surroundings, what you are accumulating and what is important regarding your household is paramount. If there is clutter in the home – mental, emotional or physical - very likely there are unresolved domestic matters too. This is a great month to take inventory of home matters. Weed out the items and issues that take up valuable emotion, space and time. When it comes to memories or family treasures, make sure they only bring to mind something positive and beautiful – otherwise let them go. By simplifying our home we make more room for prosperity and happiness to fit inside!

20 August - Aquarius Full Moon: Release outmoded ways of thinking. Tap into inventive ways to express feelings and share insights with others. Although an emotional time, communication inspires like-minded symmetry. Brainstorming opens up greater spiritual energy, encouraging new inspiration. Liberate thoughts to better use your imagination!


HEALTH & SELF: Mental clutter: worry, fear, stress, indecision and all those things you feel you HAVE to accomplish, is not an effective or healthy way to live. Letting go of worrisome brain chatter and unrealistic concerns encourages a relaxed, restful and focused mind and body. Don’t self-sabotage by trying to do too much or be too much to too many people. That defeats the purpose of life – which is to live each moment with gratitude, appreciation and in harmony. 

22 August - Sun into Virgo: Begin new strategies for simplifying your life while building self esteem! Find ways to let go of the superfluous while encouraging self appreciation every day. STOP the negative chatter, self-disapproval or pessimistic thoughts – they detract from your worthiness and are self defeating! Schedule time for your needs, while weeding out the time wasters. Connect with healthy, like-minded people who can remind you how special you are!  Accept and acknowledge your unique body, mind and spirit – honour each part of wonderful you!



If you have a birthday on one of the following dates in August, here are some of the energies you can expect for your year ahead: 

1 August (Sun inconjunct Pluto) Your Key Word: Adjustment! Finding more balance, discipline and greater self control in your dealings with others brings greater harmony to all things. Moderation in health and well-being is important too.

4 August (Sun Trine Uranus) Your Key Word: Excitement! Expressing inventive thought, more originality and new awareness makes for an inspiring year ahead! Liberate the old in favour of the new!

6 August (New Moon in Leo) Your Key Word: Begin! Your birthday year ahead bring more confidence, creativity and a prime time to start new projects. Encourage dreams forward for greater self expression and self love!

20 August (Full Moon in Aquarius) Your Key Word: Uniqueness! Your ideas, communication skills, sharing information and ability to stimulate thinking/feeling in others brings advancement. Liberate your mind to embrace the new!

24 August (Sun conjunct Mercury) Your Key Word: Communicate! Your ability to share information, exchange knowledge, learn new subjects and advance in expressing your individual talents brings a time of mental/social growth.

26 August (Sun opposition Neptune) Your Key Word: Clarity! Be clear and realistic with those you deal with while keeping an eye to detail regarding future plans. Use creative intuition but be practical at the same time.

Abundant August, filled with Simple Blessings and Much Appreciation to all Sweet Star Seekers!** Much harmony, happiness and abundance to each of you in the weeks ahead! May this new month provide you with greater opportunity for self expression, self-awareness and the fulfillment of your dreams.

***The above are some general Astrological energies happening in August, but what is going on for YOU personally? How do the planets affect your individual life and future? What can YOU do to better plan and prepare for what is ahead?

Having a Motivational Astrology Reading/ Coaching Session will give you the answers you seek – and more! A reading provides you with greater awareness of who you are, what’s currently happening in your life and what you can look forward to in your future! Help yourself to understand more of your talents, overcome your blockages, develop your goals and reach your full potential! Contact me today for an appointment: Keep Looking Up / Positive Skies !


With Much Warmth, Heart and StarLight,

-GiGi Sosnoski

Keep Looking Up Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.

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