Summer Gym Bag Swag

I know we all tend to concentrate on hitting the gym and being active BEFORE summer - but shouldn’t we maintain our newly adopted health regimes and continue them through?  The weather is amazing and being outside is something we are constantly taking advantage of. Weather hitting the trails and doing an awesome hike or rocking out in your favorite spin class…below are our top ‘gym bag’ picks for a variety of activities!!!


  1. Lululemon Everyday Gym Bag - This simple and sturdy gym bag can dual purpose as a weekend overnight bag - it is spacious for all your gym gear and sleek enough for a weekend away.

  2. Herschel Settlement Backpack - You can easily transition from your morning workout bag to your everyday back pack and no one will know the difference!

  3. Puma Fitness Shopper Bag - The shape and height of this bag is perfect for your boxing gloves and jump rope - being lightweight is also good cause those gloves can way a bit ;)

  4. Under Armour Women’s Define Storm Duffel - This is the perfect gym bag - grab this for your early morning workouts and still have enough room to store your work attire in it - the compartments are good for storing your toiletries as well.

  5. Nike C72 Legend 2.0 Duffel Bag - I love the colors of this bag and the shape, size and structure are perfect to throw your spin shoes in and go!

  6. Sweaty Betty All Sport Duffel Bag - The material used for this back pack is great for hikes as it will wick away the moisture and keep you cool - it’s also lightweight! (First US store opening in NYC this summer!)

  7. Reebok Women’s Yoga Medium Duffel Bag - Throw in your towel and hoodie and you’re ready to hit your yoga or Pilates class with the exterior mat storage

  8. Adidas Cheetah Duffel Bag - This Adidas cheetah print bag is fun and transitional - use if for your everyday book bag, laptop case or for your favorite form of exercise - doesn’t hurt that the print rocks.

Next week Shay and I are going to give you a sneak peak into OUR gym bags and our ‘must have’ gym bag essentials you should never leave the house without!

Post by Michaela

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