Hungry for Change: A Food Matters Film

Firstly, I am by no means an expert or formally educated in diet and nutrition.  I am however very familiar with diets, food fads, ethically motivated nutrition and every “it” diet and cleanse out there.  I still struggle with whats best for my body and what works for me.  I read books, test out all the nutritional methods and haven’t really understood or found the “proper way of eating” for myself…

I stumbled across the documentary ‘Hungry for Change: A Food Matters Film” (among other food documentaries), and was instantly enlightened.  I am not preaching about being skinny, or looking like a model or Olympic athlete - I am however encouraging a healthier lifestyle in an already unhealthy world.  We can’t control global warming, or age, or our bone structure - we can though control what we put in our mouths. 

I think it is good for all ages, shapes, sizes, races and religions to properly educate in matters that can help your health and well being and promote a pro-longed, healthy lifestyle.  This film is an eye opener on what we are putting in our bodies and that food - among most substances - can be highly addictive and harmful.



  • 68% of Americans are obese

  • High fructose corn syrup is the poison of the sugar world hidden in most foods such as pasta sauce, cereal, salad dressing, and many more items…

  • Artificial sweeteners will cause weight-gain AND carb cravings

  • MSG, aspartame, processed sugars are all highly addictive CHEMICALS

  • Propylene Glycol which is used to make blueberries in things such as your muffins - is also used to winterize your RV…

I can’t promise I won’t ever eat a chocolate bar, or too many glasses of wine - I can tell you though that after watching this film - I won’t be enjoying it as much as I used to knowing what some of these ingredients can do to our bodies and minds.

In closing, educate yourself on some of the ingredients and chemicals that are laced into the foods we eat on a daily basis and try adjust your diet by excluding old unhealthy and processed favorites, with fresh, organic, whole foods that can lengthen your life, clear your acne, improve your mood and make you a bit lighter.

You are what you eat, we can always improve…what are your thoughts on this documentary? Tweet us: @michaelalblaney and @shaymitch

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