Motivational Astrology February 2013 Forecast


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein

February Theme: Free Your Genius!

YOU are unique! You know that, but in what way? February encourages us to find and free up our individual talents and abilities in order to shine even brighter! The inventive and liberating energies of Aquarius, coupled with a boost of creative imagination from planets in Pisces, help us to Free our Genius this month!

How? To start with, identify your strengths, list the things you enjoy, the people you admire, the situations that make you happy, the things that come naturally and what attracts your attention! Your combined answers to these will provide clues to your individual genius and be unlike anyone elses! As you reflect, review and reestablish some of your passions (especially when Mercury goes Retrograde on the 23rd) you can further awaken your unique spirit!

What’s ahead for February in areas of concern? Here’s the overview:


Nurturing individuality! By finding greater contentment, peace and beauty in our own lives we are able to give more satisfying energy to our relationships! This is a time to get out of partnership ruts by exploring new interests or activities as an individual, which in turn brings more excitement to your couple-hood! Utilize imagination, spontaneity and inventiveness to renew the spark! If single, this is an ideal month to get social, meet inspiring new people, and connect through interesting/unusual projects!

*1st: Venus goes into Aquarius – Group Hug! The planet of love pairs up with the sign representing community! A great time to join up with other brilliant minds, meet unique people and share creative expression! Consider various events, workshops, activities or creative projects you can get involved with – not only to inspire your mind and artistic spirit but to broaden your social network.

*10th: New Moon in Aquarius – Free your Feelings! Begin endeavours that liberate your emotions and empower your mind. Consider new philosophies, meditations, inspiring studies or unique activities which can open you to new expression and thought! Brainstorm what has been holding you back and consider what you need to do to move forward! This empowering day helps you focus on your future with a new, hopeful and positive vision!


Release limiting thoughts! Liberate feelings of fear, frustration or lack of confidence regarding money or work. Free yourself from the old ways of thinking or doing in favour of more ingenious ways of promoting yourself and your business. Explore new directions to further express your uniqueness in your work. Be innovative in sharing what you do, showing flair in what you can accomplish!

*Jupiter in Gemini now Direct – Expressive Growth! The planet of bounty, optimism and growth just started moving forward again after a 4 month lag behind. Expect advancement in the way we think, connect and communicate – a green light to expand your horizons!

*1st: Mars goes into Pisces – Intuitive energy!The planet of action in the sign of sensitivity urges us to explore better ways of using our intuition in our work, job searches and business contacts. Go with your gut, listen to the inner voice and embrace visualization to manifest a rewarding work environment – complete with greater creative and financial fulfillment!

*5th: Mercury goes into Pisces, Retrogrades 23rd – Revisit your imaginative spirit! The communication planet in the ethereal sign of Pisces brings opportunity to refocus our creative expression in both work and play! Can the thing that brings you joy also bring you spiritual and financial bliss? Heads up from 23 February to 18 March: take extra care with agreements, plans, travel arrangements and discussions – change is in the air, allow extra time and expect miscommunications.

*18th: Saturn in Scorpio goes Retrograde:Readdress Security! Our attention to details, responsibilities and areas of transformation are requiring more thought and attention. This is a favorable time to review the foundations of our lives and consider how to make them more secure.


Encourage change!Help those who are stuck to see change is possible. Don’t just give a solution, offer encouragement and hope! Empathize and communicate on a more emotional level with those in your life. Listening is more important now as acknowledging the opinions and feelings of others strengthens bonds. Find creative, harmonious projects for family participation – this fosters appreciation for one another.

*25th: Full Moon Virgo – Weed out! A great time to clean out the old and take stock of what is around you in the home. What do the things that surround you say about you and family? Rid yourself of the clutter or bad habits that have become a part of the household. Let go of things that don’t reflect beauty or harmony. A strong emotional time encouraging us to clear out what is not useful to make room for what is!


Praise your Uniqueness! By acknowledging your individual abilities and strengths you encourage greater self confidence, helping you to free your genius! List your experiences, skills, knowledge, talents (personal and professional) for a clearer view. Everything that makes you unique is part of your genius. This is the month to honour the things about you that are different and wonderful!

* 18th: Sun into Pisces – Can you feel it? Express, examine and utilize the sensitive part of your nature in order to free up greater creativity and spiritual awareness! A new phase of intuitive, sympathetic feeling and compassionate energy unfolds! Surround yourself with beauty in all forms and be aware of the love and loveliness within you!

: If you have a birthday on one of the following dates in February, here are some of the energies you can expect for your year ahead:

*10 February (Aquarius New Moon) Your Key Word: Liberation! Begin new ways of learning, doing and creating! Free up your mind to embrace inventive activities and unique friendships that offer greater freedom!

*21 February (Sun conjunct Neptune) Your Key Word: Imagination! Tap into the music of the spheres, the poetry of the soul or new spiritual connections for greater creativity - just make sure plans are realistic.

*25 February (Virgo Full Moon, square Jupiter) Your Key Word: Release! Rewards come from letting goof things that keep you stuck: perfectionistic tendencies, needless worry, critical views or nit-picky behaviour. Release these for greater freedom, keeping goals realistic.

*28February (Sun conjunct Chiron) Your Key Word: Healing! The ability to repair past hurts, gain confidence and reach new levels of aware is possible. By healing your issues you have more ability to help others.

Fantastic February to Everyone! May the month ahead bring you wonderful new adventures and greater bounty in all that you do!*

With Much Warmth, Heart and StarLight,
-GiGi Sosnoski

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