Posted on April 4, 2014

It’s a jungle sometimes in the fashion world - so it’s key to keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with a LBD (little black dress) that has the perfect fit, form and is functional.

By adding the right accessories the LBD goes from drab to fab. Pair a chunky statement necklace with a chic clutch and a simple shoe. Sometimes less is more and in this case it only takes a few items to nail the perfect look.






Sunnies: Thierry Lasry  Dress: Camilla and Marc from Beckley Boutique Necklace: Eddie Borgo    Purse: Saint Laurent  Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Spring Inspired Mani

Posted on April 1, 2014

Spring Break, Coachella, Easter, Spring Blossoms, Spring….just a few reasons to have the perfect mani this month.  Usually we post a step-by-step tutorial from our girl Stephanie Stone (which we will still be doing), but we wanted to switch it up a bit.

There are so many delicious looking colors out right now making it easy for anyone to have the perfect nails, not to mention over the top and festival ready nail wraps to make your mani look like magic.

Check out our top picks below, with a little help from Steph Stone:



Buy it here:

  1. Zoya - Nail Polish in Dot

  2. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Secession Reloaded

  3. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Dunes

  4. Deborah Lippmann - Build Me Up Buttercup

  5. Essie - Nail Polish in Cocktails & Coconuts

  6. Essie - Nail Polish in Style Hunter

  7. Deborah Lippmann - Tip Toe Through Tulips

  8. Essie - Nail Polish in Lapiz of Luxury

  9. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Last Call?… I don’t think so!

  10. NCLA - Nail Wraps in Realeyes

  11. Deborah Lippmann - Nail Polish in Blue Orchid

  12. NCLA - Nail Polish in From LA to ANYWHERE

  13. NCLA - Nail Polish in Don’t Sugar Coat It!

  14. Estee Lauder Nail Polish in Dilettante

Insta+Twitter: @StephStoneNails shopncla

Post by Steph & Michaela

April 2014 Motivational Astrology

Posted on March 31, 2014

Keep Looking Up! Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” - Marcus Aurelius

No Fear!

Scared of the future? Unsure of what is ahead? Feeling unsettled about what’s in the news? In one way or another, we all are. The key is knowing what’s worth spending your energy on. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons to have trepidation, but most of the time it’s our imagined fears that keep us from the happiness we deserve. Only by looking at what frightens us can we free ourselves from its confines.

This is the month to have No Fear!

Fear interrupts the flow of life force, bringing negativity and depression to the door, trapping us in a stagnant pattern - what a waste! Know that many of the fears we have stem from a lack of self belief. When you’re fearful you shut down possibilities! If you are scared of a situation take some action to turn it around. Write down your fear, acknowledge it and plan on what steps you can take to overcome it. In doing so you bring greater confidence to yourself and open up the window to opportunity!

Astrologically, April may bring some challenges, but that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to give in to worry and self-sabotage your personal progress! While we all experience twists and turns in life, this month offers a positive wake-up call for facing our apprehensions, finding more confidence and growing greater courage.  This is the month to work through fears!

In the weeks ahead we will especially need to honour our inner faith and outer fortitude as we experience a Cardinal Grand Cross aligning in the heavens. The planets Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all square each other very closely at 13.5 degrees of the Cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. This alignment of 4 squares (with 2 oppositions) will be especially strong between 20th-24th April. Regardless of what sign you were born under, these zodiac positions are somewhere in your chart. Where they are located will tell you where you will be effected most.

A Grand Cross indicates stress or conflict, with a demand for some immediate action to be taken. Positive change is an important ingredient for resolving the challenges we face now, so releasing what is not in keeping with our stronger and courageous selves is paramount. At the same time we are being asked to make decisions that may involve external forces, which may again have to do with being inwardly strong and having NO FEAR.

Globally, this alignment could indicate a time of political posturing, economic distress, cyber upsets, climate upheaval or government changes. Although it seems we deal with news of these things on a daily basis, it will be magnified during the exact alignment of the Cardinal Grand Cross. That doesn’t mean we’re headed for disaster – but the road to change can be bumpy, and sometimes it takes a few shocks to the system to break up blockages. So don’t worry, hang on and try to enjoy the ride!

Besides the Grand Cross, we also have a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse this month! Eclipses represent changing circumstances and show a potent time for shifts to occur in our lives. Eclipses bring to light truths and information, giving us knowledge that we can then translate into power for change. In the weeks ahead we will also experience Venus moving into Pisces, Mercury going into Aries, the Sun shining into Taurus and Pluto going retrograde! What does all this mean for YOU?

Here’s your general need-to-know Astrological info and Motivational thoughts for April:

5 April - Venus moves into Pisces: The thread that holds us together! Our connections with others give us strength. Universal love, higher minded awareness, sympathetic compassion and heart-centered emotion are the keys to finding common ground! Look for commonalities rather than differences when facing conflict with others. If we are gentle with ourselves and each other we can now embrace a greater understanding of our similarities and strengths and what makes us One. *

7 April - Mercury moves into Aries:  Assertive Attitude! This is a time to push forward with our unique self expression and original ideas. We are compelled to connect and communicate with others but will need to cultivate greater care, patience and harmony to be properly acknowledged. We all want to be heard, we all have something important to say – so listen at least as much as you talk! And act with courtesy for others even as you push yourself forward. As many of our leaders should keep in mind, might does not make right!

15 April - Full Moon in Libra (Total Lunar Eclipse):  Mine, Yours, Ours! This Eclipse illuminates the need to find balance between our personal desires and the requirements of others. Although we seek to be independent we are still attached to those we share this Earth with. This is a time of releasing selfishness, coming to a better balance of sharing and finding a happy medium between mine, yours and ours. When dealing with relationship matters and outside forces, let go of fears - otherwise you will be kept from the happiness you deserve.

15 April - Pluto in Capricorn goes Retrograde:  Reboot your Transformation! While combating outside forces, it’s the inner battles that demand attention. Now is the time to seek greater stability so that our outer balance is not thrown off. Redirecting energies toward harmonious change will prove better than destroying the entire plan. Renewal comes by realizing the greater good for all is what leads us to evolution.

19 April - Sun moves into Taurus:  Beautiful You, Beautiful Earth! As our energies turn toward greater appreciation of the natural grace of Mother Nature, we are reminded of the simple pleasures and joys in our lives. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and yet all around us spring countless examples of the loveliness of our planetary home and the life it harbors. As we seek these out we find within ourselves greater gifts: comfort, creativity and cooperation. Appreciate and celebrate our home, the Earth! 

20 April to 24 April - Cardinal Grand Cross aligns exactly (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all square each other):  Keep Calm, Carry On! A great deal of change occurs as this key alignment brings an uneasy time. But with adjustments come opportunity as we are able to refocus, bring to light and address issues that have been building up for some time. The changes that emerge from this alignment will shape our future for years to come, so make them changes for the better!

23 April - Mercury moves into Taurus:  Slowly but surely! Our thoughts, communications and interactions are now more careful, practical and deliberate. We seek to establish steady, more tangible and stead-fast plans in order to bring forth abundance. Our senses are heightened now as well, helping us to better appreciate the beauty within ourselves and those we share ideas with. Reflecting carefully on our deeply held values and what we want to create for our future is highlighted.

29 April - New Moon in Taurus (Annular Solar Eclipse):  Feel it, Hear it, Touch it, Heal it! This represents a time of new beginnings after making adjustments. We now establish long term goals in order to move forward with greater stability, assurance and growth. As we break old patterns we come into a time of positive inner change that can manifest in greater prosperity in our outer world. Appreciation for all that we have and all that we relate to emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically is honoured. As we heal and extend love and gratitude to one another we create the opportunity for greater happiness.

ALL MONTH - Mars in Libra Retrograde: Rethink give and take! With the action planet continuing backward in the sign of balance, we need to reevaluate the mine-yours equation in our lives. As we reconsider the harmony we strive for with others, we find greater clarity on what we can do to improve the positive energy in our own lives. Creative impulses, artistic expressions and inquiring inclinations also become more introspective, contemplative and meditative. Just watch out that in our need to see both sides of a situation we don’t get hung up in indecision. What area of your life needs more balance? You will find out now!

Outer Planets in their current positions: Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. The outer planets stay in a sign for quite a long time, so their effect on us is often gradual:

  • Saturn in Scorpio represents a time of uncovering our fears and insecurities, gaining awareness of how they have undermined our progress, and by getting to the root of the issues we can focus on solutions.

  • Uranus in Aries is about greater freedom for unique forms of self expression, liberation from oppression, and inventive pioneering action. - Neptune in Pisces is all about greater spiritual awareness, creative inspiration and intuitive insight. We-are-all-one compassion is emphasized along with humanitarian expression.

  • Pluto in Capricorn, which will be in Capricorn until 2023, represents the transforming of our society, government, world order and mother earth, with the misuse of power being brought to light.

**Warmth, Heart and StarLight to all Sweet Star Seekers for a wonderful beginning to 2014 and a marvelous year ahead! May this new year bring each of you much abundance, joy and fulfillment! Lots of Love to YOU along with an open-armed welcome to 2014!**

With Much Warmth, Heart and StarLight,

-GiGi Sosnoski

Keep Looking Up Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.

GiGi Sosnoski is a New York City Astrologer, Motivational Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Planetary Intuitive, Workshop facilitator, Writer of monthly Motivational articles and videos, Radio and TV contributor and regular on TVNZ’s Good Morning show. As a Life Enthusiast, her passion is sharing upliftment and inspiration with others. Encouraging people to get excited about their lives, their abilities, their relationships and their futures is what she does best! Contact GiGi to help yourself find greater awareness, confidence and further understanding of your true potential as seen in your unique Astrology chart!


To help you take advantage of the wonderful opportunities for change coming up, I’m offering Motivational Astrology and Life Coaching specials for all of April! This month you can receive a 90 minute Power of You phone reading, helping you to plan the changes you need for greater life-success, at the special price of $135! For greater savings, sign up for a my Special Power of You Package: a 90 minute Power of You reading plus four 50 minute life coaching phone sessions for only $285. That’s a $100 savings off the individual price! Email me at to learn more about the Power of YOU! 

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